Getting strong after a car wreck losing 18 lbs.

Ginger, a busy mom, wife, and caregiver in the real estate field, leads a hectic life constantly on the go. Striving to boost her energy levels and alleviate pain, she seeks a solution to enhance her overall well-being.


Ginger, previously an avid exerciser, faced back pain after a car accident. Recommended by a member, she sought our help. We implemented a structured training program to rebuild her confidence and address her back issues.


Six months later, Ginger has achieved remarkable progress, shedding 18 lbs. She can now carry 70 lbs over 180 ft, deadlift 135 lbs, and has successfully completed a charity walk, covering 30 miles in just three days.

GInger Dutmers


11'' of her waist and reversing her health issues.

Casey's always had a passion for helping people, and her fitness journey led her to becoming a nutritionist and a Certified personal trainer.


At the age of 20, Casey, grappling with multiple health issues, committed to transforming her life. To kickstart this journey, we initiated Casey on the foundations program, focusing on enhancing her baseline fitness levels while boosting her protein and calorie intake.


Casey has made significant strides in her fitness journey, shedding 11 inches from her waistline. She has advanced her push-ups, mastered handstands, squatted 135 lbs, and excelled at deadlifting. Casey maintains her daily habit of consuming over 80g of protein, showcasing her commitment to a healthy lifestyle.

Casey Keith

Archer's Lodge

Busy mom, carer to dad and lost 11lbs

Stephanie, a devoted mom to a young daughter and a caregiver for her father, aspires to have the energy needed to keep up with her child and be present for her family.


Following her daughter's birth, Stephanie faced challenges with weight management and low energy levels throughout the day. We assisted Stephanie in establishing a routine and structure within her busy schedule to address these concerns.


Stephanie achieved a weight loss of over 11 lbs through her strength training program, without resorting to endless cardio sessions. She now feels significantly better and is relishing her newfound energy.

Stephanie Johnson


Helping you get strong lose weight and feel good!

With two decades of experience in Personal Training and Coaching, we equip you with the essential tools to accomplish your goals. We advocate against yo-yo dieting and short-term fixes, recognizing their potential harm and long-term failure. At Functional Fitness 360, we champion sustainable health and fitness, prioritizing consistency for your long-term success and longevity.

Join us on the journey to a healthier, more resilient you!

At Functional Fitness 360, every member receives dedicated coaching to ensure accountability in their training, appointments, and goals.

  • Balanced approach to improving your health and fitness with the 4 Pillars of fitness. Mobility, Strength, Nutrition and Recovery

  • Specifically designed programs based on your motivation, goals and movement patterns

  • Nutrition coaching easy to implement and sustain without restrictive eating.

  • A community of like minded people willing and cheering each other on.

What are Members Say About Us

I’ve been a member at FF360 for 12 months now and I have nothing but good things to say about Huw and his gym. He is the best coach I know and I am so grateful to have someone I can trust and look up to in my health and fitness journey. I always feel so welcomed and empowered every time I come in. I can’t imagine what my life would be like without this place. He makes working out fun and teaches you skills that will change your life. I highly recommend checking it out and making it your fitness home!


Casey Keith

Archers Lodge

Jane Doe

I have enjoyed working out with Huw and even more importantly, I am seeing results in my level of fitness which is really exciting. He pushes enough to get me to do more than I would otherwise but not so hard that I’m exhausted the rest of the day or sore following work outs. He’s fun to work with and I’ve met some other really fun work out buddies as well.


Sarah Perry

Hope Springs

Jane Doe

The Future starts today not tomorrow

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We help busy professionals get strong lose weight and feel Great!

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